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IDF decries vengeance for murdered Jews

Gone are the days when the Mossad hunted down the Munich terrorists just for the sake of vengeance. The IDF has sent a formal letter to the government arguing against demolishing the homes of the Fogel family murderers. Meretz MK Gal-On protested the upcoming demolitions, claiming they serve the settlers’ interests. Yeah, avenging Jewish deaths serves settlers’ interests.

Certainly, revenge cannot be obtained merely by demolishing houses. The Torah sets clear guidelines for the execution of murderers. But at least such demolitions would be a statement that we are willing to go beyond the law to punish the perpetrators. Unfortunately, the government is overly concerned with the law, and wants Knesset approval for the demolitions. Only the legalistic Jewish mind would be so concerned with the law, instead of just bombing those houses immediately after the murders, no questions asked.

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Dear Samson Blinded: The more I read about Israel, the less I understand it. I used to post comments. Now I just want to post questions. So here’s a question for you to consider:

Would you please write about the IDF top commanders?

- Issues such as criteria for their appointments, their present and future influence in defense policies AND national politics, their present qualifications for doing their jobs.

- How would a war with the future State of Palestine, other Arab neighbors, or even an intifada go with an IDF brass so afraid to offend Arab sensitivities?

- What’s the latest in IDF rules of engagement?

Canadian Otter 06 May 2012

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