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IAEA confirms: Egypt has nuclear weapons program

For years, we’ve been arguing that Egypt is running a low-profile military nuclear program. Some Israeli intelligence analysts share our view based on the fact that Egypt operates lab-size nuclear reactors. This view is unpopular among Israeli and American politicians because the only rational course of action, attacking the Egyptian reactors, is not feasible due to the Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty.

The International Atomic Energy Agency’s officials leaked the 2007 and 2008 reports which prove that weapons-grade uranium has been found near Inshas, where the Egyptian nuclear reactors are located.

The Egyptians have been evasive on this matter, ludicrously blaming the uranium traces on medical radio isotopes used in their program.

Now it is absolutely certain that Egypt has very slowly been accumulating uranium, enriching it in its research facilities in order to  make a small number of nuclear weapons. It is no less certain that the gutless Israeli government will keep its head in the sand and stick to the fake peace treaty instead of bombing the Egyptian nuclear reactors immediately.

The IAEA leak can possibly be attributed to Iran, which sought to embarrass Egypt after their recent feud, but more likely it is the work of American diplomats who thus send Israel a message that she cannot go on bombing all the reactors in the vicinity, and must put up with a nuclear Iran.

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Imagine the Muslim Brotherhood winning elections and getting hold on Egypt’s nuclear weapons

admin 07 June 2009

Egyptian Nuclear program may seem to be of a very small size at first glance comparing with Iran, for example. Nevertheless, Egyptian Nuclear program may turn out to be even worse than what we have in Iran because Iran does it more or less openly while Egypt has a lot of secrets.

Anonymous 23 March 2010

Egyptian Nuclear program may seem to be of a very small size at first glance comparing with Iran, for example. Nevertheless, Egyptian Nuclear program may turn out to be even worse than what we have in Iran because Iran does it more or less openly while Egypt has a lot of secrets.

Adiella Eugene 23 March 2010

Israeli APCs will surely will be topical if one day Egypt decides to use their nuclear program in some military actions. Although Israeli own nuclear weapon would be much better.

Elijah Eureka 23 March 2010

The number of nuclear reactors in Egypt may be not big but they are there anyway. And the number of nuclear reactors in Egypt may start growing easily and quickly.

Taji Los_Altos_Hills 03 April 2010

Arabs are getting more and more powerful, look at Arabs in China, for example. Their decisions weigh more and more.

Nessia Louisville 03 April 2010

Egypt IAEA news demonstrate that everything is much more complicated than it may seem at a first glance. Egypt IAEA news prove that if there’s a third world war it will definitely come from the East.

Sileas Magnolia 05 April 2010

It’s according to the Torah that Egypt and some other Arabic countries will provoke the war. But Torah cannot be interpreted literally and if to be more precise, the war has already begun.

Dong Maiquetia 05 April 2010

Egypt’s view on nuclear weapons may turn out to be extremely surprising for the whole world. Te country’s never admitted its involvement into nuclear weapons race but no one knows Egypt’s view on nuclear weapons in general.

Eppie McKeesport 06 April 2010

To sum up, Egypt may turn into another enemy. Getting Gaza taxes Israel might think about nuclear weapons for itself, too, because those Arabs are really quick.

Jamey Mena 06 April 2010

Egyptian weapons program is not as transparent as everyone would like it to be.But as soon as it exists, the world will have to take it into account. Egyptian weapons program is absolutely unexpected but it’s nice Jews know about it and won’t be too much surprised if Egypt attacks one day.

Lezlie Monticello 07 April 2010

And after these facts it must be hard to cope for Jews with Israel’s gas imports from Egypt. Israelis’ve never been particularly kind people but now Egypt has nuclear weapons and Israel’s gas, too.

Peyton Montour_Falls 07 April 2010

News about Egyptian army weapons is really something unpleasant. But this is something Israel will have to put up.News about Egyptian army weaponsis the chance for Jews to think about real values of our life.

Jeanie Mountain_Brook 08 April 2010

So many countries have nuclear weapons, so why is it Egypt Israel is so much worried about? There’re some other things which should be considered as soon as possible. Among them Israel aid Haiti so much depends on after this horrible earthquake.

Rei Murray 08 April 2010

Those Egyptian weapons have caused so much concern already that perhaps Israel will have to think carefully whether perhaps they also should start working on the nuclear weapons in the nearest future.Egyptian weapons are undoubtedly another proof that well-being of the whole world will depend on the Arabic countries.

Grizela Namorik 09 April 2010

And after the world gets to know more and more about Arabs, there’s still an exposition UN Palestinians are so much keen on to show the world how awful Israelis are. Arabs are so much better!

Ian Nampa 09 April 2010

The year 2008 should have been called the year of Egypt nuclear weapons 2008. But since it wasn’t, everything which is left to the society is to think about the new line and tactics of behavior.Egypt nuclear weapons 2008 being the beginning of this program will symbolize a new epoch in nuclear weapons.

Ronnette Nashua 09 April 2010

May be read the comment to one of the Jewish Israelis saying that we will hit the High Dam armed nuclear might be the vision and sacrificed now for you to reply to such an action would destroy the reactors Dimona and Nahal and contamination of Lake Tiberias and the Jordan River and all water sources in Israel with biological weapons, and bacterial and other words We are before we die of thirst’ll drink from your blood and kill you the same way

Egyptian armor and sword Cityofghostsandmenstun 02 June 2010

Yeah, we know you Arabs want to kill us Jews. It is our government that refuses this reality.

admin 03 June 2010

we do not want to kill Jews for just enjoying..
we want to tack back our lands and our home..
we do not have a problem with Jews Despite our prophesy that we will fight your people – and that is happening ..
our hate and our revenge goals is to Israel the country of thieves Gangs..
we still wait for the time of wars.. we want to die in a fight for our rights for our blood for our honor.

justman worldofmen 04 June 2010

Mr. admin does not explain the words incorrectly While Israel gives Egypt the price of gas is unparalleled in the world, we find that Israel incitement in the Nile Basin countries to prevent water from Egypt Is this how you have to give back? This has been the Minister extreme Lieberman threatened to hit the High Dam, it is natural that there should be a ready answer for use if paid mad and extremism to do such a thing but we did not start the aggression on only one

Egyptian armor and sword Cityofghostsandmenstun 05 June 2010

Perhaps your words correctly predicted Prophet Booze (will not be the Resurrection to fight Muslims Jews Afiktlohm all been hiding the Jewish and behind rocks and trees Vintq stone and trees, and say, O Muslim, O Abdullah this Jew behind me says kill him it is only Algrkd trees of the Jews), I see this today may approached Fastta

Egyptian armor and sword Cityofghostsandmenstun 15 June 2010

can’t you people just learn how to live side by side peacefully and share the pie instead of fighting, each one wants it for their own, and by the way, Egypt may be a developing country but trust me, if theirs a fight, we will not lose or at least till the last man standing dies trying. it’s just the fact that we wouldn’t allow any threats towards our country, just as anyone wouldn’t, or is it only fair to anyone else but us?! oh! and just so you’d know, in Egypt you’ll find all religions , we have Christian Egyptians, Muslim Egyptians and believe it or not Jewish Egyptians. and guess what we respect each other ‘n we even living around each other with no problems.

leli vallyofthekings 02 July 2010

Leli: You have a short memory. Egypt started three wars with us. You’ve made peace only after we defeated you three times.

admin 02 July 2010

GC(53)/7 – IAEA Annual Report 2008

According to the report at page 87-88,


relevant nuclear material accounting reports, and
has been able to verify all declared nuclear material
 %’  %’  +   


its past undeclared activities. The Agency concluded
that Egypt’s statements are consistent with the
’? %_ 
that the issues raised
in the report to the
Board are no longer
outstanding. For 2008,
the Agency found
no indication of the
diversion of declared nuclear material in Egypt.
Therefore, the Agency was able to conclude for
Egypt that all declared nuclear material remained in
peaceful activitie “

mohamed cairo,Egypt 13 July 2010

leli – We began to peace with Israel, 1975 While Israel has recently intervened at the headwaters of the Nile to reduce the share of Egypt to reduce the growth of the economy, which is evolving Although Egypt is giving Israel free gas approximation What kind of crazy .
Admin – u May be good at speech Lab Lab Lab But you are ignorant of history Do not know anything about the Bar Lev Line, and destroyed, and through the Suez Canal and destroyed your army in 6 hours Without the intervention of the United States and send airlift October 12 Israel was nearly torn apart Missiles destroyed 372 Egyptian aircraft types of the Phantom. Mirage, Sky Hawk Tons of burning flesh and broken bones buried in the Negev desert at night in large pits Sadat’s plan to destroy the Israeli forces in the area Deversoir Egyptian army besieged the Fourth Sharon on October 25 Henry Kissinger and intervention to prevent the destruction of your forces, which was taken hostage in Egypt Hell in the Sinai sum

Anonymous 15 July 2010

Right, traces of weapons-grade uranium for peaceful purposes. That depends on your definition of peace. And don’t forget that an Egyptian headed the IAEA.

admin 15 July 2010

hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you made me laugh when you said that israel defeated egypt in 3 wars , listen, we are the egyptians we aren’t able to be defeated we are ready to die for the victory of ALLAH and egypt, egyptian army in case of war is 80 million soldier , we beat you in 1956 war with gb and france , youm kipour 1973 war of course you know how egypt fucked you ,only in 1967 you attacked the airports while the planes are on the land and the egyptian army was in yemen and there wasn’t a real war as egypt didn’t fight

finally all the world knows that we haven’t any problem with jews there are our brothers but we had problems with zionism , but now israel made peace with us to rescue themselves from extinction with the aid of us , egyptian people now watches israel as a friend of our country but you still worry about everything about egypt weapons and nuclear weapons

finally in these days our really enemy in egypt is iran not israel and don’t worry,you are very scared from egypt hhhhhhhhhh

abdelrahman cairo 24 July 2010

You see, in 1956 we occupied Sinai. In 1973, we occupied Suez.

admin 25 July 2010

On Oct. 24 73
Forces advanced and derived forces surrounded Sharon
The fourth year, was dedicated armored to defend the capital, Cairo + 200 tanks T-62 purchase is urgent from the Soviet Union+ An armored brigade from Algeria
Sadat development plan in order to destroy the forces Sharon in Deversoir Special Forces destroyed a lot of units, Sharon Before the implementation of the plan came Henry Kissinger to Cairo Asked Sadat non-implementation of the plan and promised to resolve the issue Sadat well for Egypt If the Israeli forces destroyed this
The road to Tel Aviv, it becomes easier to walk in Cairo imagine how America saved you
Unlike the largest airlift in history and the greatest

Egyptian armor and sword Cityofghostsandmenstun 02 August 2010

You’re mistaken. The airlift came only in the last days of the war after Sharon crossed the Suez.

admin 02 August 2010

you jew must know we are animies and nothing will stop that the war will be so sooon or so far its will be but i hope to be so soon you know and we know wish to see alot of red blood on my hand from killing youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

kimo egypt 04 August 2010

No, my friend airlift arrived in on Oct. 12 and Sharon over at the night of 14 October and with the assistance of images from U.S. spy plane Is noticed a vacuum in the presence of Egyptian forces Was caused by the attack, but the stairs in the plan Which was vetoed by General Saad El Shazly But Sadat wanted to ease the pressure on Syria And troops moved incorrectly in the absence of air cover
I am familiar with all the finer details of the October war and all wars fought by Israel with the Arabs My father fought in the War of Attrition and the October War Tells us for everything I read the diary, General Shazly and Sadat and all the great leaders And permitted by the report of the Committee A?ranat

Egyptian armor and sword Cityofghostsandmenstun 05 August 2010

I know. Tell it to our leftists.

admin 05 August 2010

Look more closely: airlift started arriving Oct 12 well into afternoon. Sharon crossed Suez on the night of Oct 14. The airlifted munitions didn’t reach the army before the war was effectively over.
But also note another thing: Americans prevented us from preempting in 1973. They barred us from striking first.

admin 05 August 2010

Do you mean by Ismailia Cairo?
Piece was not in the interest of Israel Israeli forces move in a narrow path sequential And special forces destroyed the forefront, leading to the accumulation of Sharon’s troops And attacked by the Egyptian Aviation And destroyed many of them And special forces of the shed beds become more frequent attacks And killed many and destroyed much of Darat In short Sharon’s troops were like hostages in our Though the long survival is the destruction of a matter of time In Israel, they wanted to portray the loophole as a victory in front of people And America wants to put on this situation, a foundation for peace in the Middle East So as to make a buffer zone demilitarized between Egypt and Israel And even to Ataatfawd Israel from the defeated fully Vicu weak hand At the negotiating table And Americans were worried about their own interests-oil They were very impressed that they want peace And realized very well that it is not possible to underestimate the role of Egypt in the region Because he is the greatest role, Egypt is the greatest strength In the Arab world But what arrived for the Israelis is not true about the battle and the death toll and loss Fearing for their morale Leadership as it did with us in 1967
But over time, reality show

Egyptian armor and sword Cityofghostsandmenstun 05 August 2010

Do not forget SAM Sam 2 and 3 and 6 was Sam crush aviation have taken the initiative to attack if

Egyptian armor and sword ffffff@yahoo.com 08 August 2010

That’s true

admin 09 August 2010

No Muslim brotherhood can do nothing if they win the election ……..I Didnt think its the upgraded kind of nuclear that have local damage ….So they could do nothing !!!

Yea Israel one day you wouldnt be able to fight
bec they take the europian style in birth every two give one or two so when chance be 2 its Fair but on one generation it will be 1 So they are getting low
on other side you allow olny one wife and by time girls going high rate and low men soo low mens with low birth rate sure you will disappear and if it didnt happen it will happen in usa the big supporter and they wouldnt be able to send males for fight at the time muslims and arabs high birth rate in usa mean getting usa head controled
and more and more increase at the time we wouldnt affected by the low men rate because we allow marry 4 So you will Disappear if you Dont Take the muslims lifestyle !!!
Do you know what it mean to be forced to take the terrorist lyfestyle haaah ???
and you would never take it
so bye bye

Muhamed Cairo 03 September 2010

Egypt always most powerful in the middle east , has a lot of secrets ,and it didn’t release any anounce
about military or weapon that produced , so i think it have this technology ,

Anonymous 03 September 2010

the worst thing that i have so much friend’s from israel,and i like them,but i don’t like israel militry style !!
killing childring and womans !
thats fu***** suck’s !
but anyway we are all muslims and some day
we will take this land back
we all want to die for this case
so this is the big proplem for u
we don’t care about our lifes ,Your presence an affront to us
i hope u understand what i want to said.
thank u for lisening

SouLMan KsA 01 October 2010


GOMAA CAIRO 06 October 2010

Oh sure, you sought peace in three wars of annihilation against us. And your Muslim Brotherhood, of course, preaches peace with Jews.
In 1973, Egyptian SAM-5 batteries and Saeger anti-tank missiles were the world’s finest.

admin 08 October 2010

Long Live Egypt !!!! Egypt is not as easy as other Arab countries !!!!!Fuck whomsoever want to harm this country one day !!!!!!!!It is undeniably vouched that we will resume our power all over the world one day .You never know what will happen !!!!!!

A Taiyuan 28 October 2010

dont worry we dont need nukes to take israhell down ! we need a leader ….

egyptian cairo 16 November 2010

Very true, a war will resume with the change of leadership in Egypt

admin 16 November 2010

israel must be the archetype of a hypocrite. they have huge piles of nukes and complain on others that have in fact signed NPT. israel is indeed the biggest threat to world peace.

Jack 04 December 2010

The last time I’ve heard, it was Iran that threatened to wipe Israel off the map, never vice versa.

admin 05 December 2010

From an Egyptian

“WE WILL NOT OR HAVE ANY INTENTION TO USE ATOMIC WEAPONS AGAINST ISRAIL OR ANY OTHER COUNTRY” that is if we really have them anyway, stop screaming fire there is nothing to be worried about.

Anonymous 26 October 2011

This isn’t journalism, this is idiotic propaganda probably written by a “settlor”. Look in the mirror and judge yourself before pointing the finger at others.

Cherif Toronto 25 April 2012

The whole world has to know the truth, Once we signed the faked peace with Israel , Israel started to rise up but in the same time we advanced our Army according to the acceptance of the US.Us is paying that Aid for our silence towards Israel , because if us didn’t paid that Aid , we will get the advanced weapons from the Russians and the Russians weapons is better than the Americans weapons, cheaper and more destructive.

New Yorker LA 08 July 2012

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