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Human rights titans compete in hypocrisy

The Gilo construction project has won the condemnation of… China. A country whose billion-something population would have trouble pronouncing Jerusalem lambasted a building project smaller than one of its typical hotels.

China, a paragon of human rights, wants to maintain its warm relations with Arabs to secure the oil supply.

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the Titanic was built by the genious who said that even God wouldnt sink it…but it sank during its first voyage. the ark was built by amateur…and it is still can sail…

jmox2924 19 November 2009

It is not surprising that the building project is won by China. Notwithstanding its higher policy in oil supply this country still has the cheapest working power. To my mind this is one of presupposing facts in this choice. Never the less it is quite shrewd policy in case of developing country with limits in mineral resourses.

S112233 RussiaPskov 19 November 2009

wow! How can such a country like China criticise new projects so strongly. Not so long ago this country was also not quite developed. They shouldn`t do such ting.

Alex_Mad 19 November 2009

who would doubt it? its not the question of *warm relations* or human rights. Its the question of oil and stuff like this. we can see it everywhere- Russia, Ukraina, Usa…

MayyaS Tel-Aviv 19 November 2009

I never could understand, why people just can’t leave other states to their own, and mind their own business.
Israel is under constant siege. Some time ago USA was it’s ally, and now I can’t be very sure in Obama’s position.
I won’t even mention Arabs.
And now China has it’s claims, based on approval of an construction project. Unbelievable!
As always, oil stays behind the scenes.

Azgrim Odessa 19 November 2009

Since 70s the greater part of Gilo’s population is occupied by former Soviet Union citizens partially because of low-cost housing.
Gilo construction is a positive step for many Izraels.
“China, a paragon of human rights”? disputable..

Anton Sherman Russia 19 November 2009

Criticism, nothing but criticism. Almost every country has already told its opinion. China with its largest population is no exeption. And the reason for it is clear. China needs to keep positive relationships with the Arabs. Safe oil supply is what really matters for China but not the construction itself.

Slelka 19 November 2009

Analyzing last 10 years of China-Israel relations I would tell that China’s behavior in regard of Israel is mainly based on business interests not just political. So, there is no need to discuss any principles of human rights because when it comes to business and huge money people forget about democracy and other big ideas.

Lesafa 19 November 2009

Unfortunately China despite of it’s poor natural resources has great chances to become the world dominant country. I said ‘unfortunately’ not only because it could be danger for others. I also believe the way of its developing not to be the best. Of course it’s my opinion and the only way for them.
As for ‘paragon of human rights’ I would never affirm it. It is just not the same as European world.
And of course the main reason of trying to keep warm relations with Arabs is not the oil supply. The population of China is great enough not to depend on non-human resources. It’s a jest of course. But there’s many a true word spoken in jest. I think the real reason is trying to find itself on the same as Arabs side of the 3-rd World conflict in case it happens.

JohnKar Russia,Chelyabinsk 20 November 2009

Chinese are going to build speed railway on the Far East of Russia. There are no many people in that cities, no much cargo. Also it’s absolutely unprofitable for now. What is that – plans for _their_ future or just charity?:) It may be the same answer for Israel in that topic’s case.

Sole 20 November 2009

The situation is clear – China thinks about its profit. This country needs oil, so China is ready to say anything about Gilo construction to secure the oil supply. Finally, China’s opinion is not the most important for Israel, I think.

barvina 20 November 2009

China is showing itself as a world power. Hu Jintao is accepted to be the second in the list of the most powerful politicians in the world this year, so China just`ve started showing its teeth.

PushMaks 20 November 2009

There is nothing that can surprise me so much..
China never carries out its policy aggressively. It alway keeps neutrality in any big conflicts. So in this case Chinese condemned this Gilo project like many other countries having its own interests in this region. Otherwise China will provoke a negative reaction on behalf of international community.

Xpert2004 20 November 2009

To speak simply and straight: China straddles as always. Conducts the Good Neighboor Policy trying to be a “good neighboor” to everybody. It’s impossible – someday they’ll be in trouble. Still I don’t think their decision is based on the oil-lack only, but also on their wish to build good relationtip with Israel. They will benefit both from that, bussiness is business. China is one of the fast developing countries, at last.

enamourment St.Petersburg,Russia 24 November 2009

I can understand China. They need oil. The Arabs have oil. So, China want to be friends with the Arabs. I would advise Israel to announce that the housings will be built by Chinese construction workers :) I would love to see that China will have to say to that :)

ironmine Komsomolsk-on-Amur,Russia 09 December 2009

Hypocrisy effects human relations everywhere. But why Chinese behave like this is unclear, actually.Hypocrisy effects human relations but no one is particularly concerned about it.

Isabella Escondido 23 March 2010

It’s very interesting that Chinese from China condemn Israelis. But why don’t they for instance pay more attention to the behavior of US military attaches in Palestine who do their best to make their relations with Israel as tense as possible?!

Adamina Esfahan 23 March 2010

Arabs in China are extremely popular in comparison with Jews. I wonder why Jews had to ask fo China’s permission to do what they want? Arabs in China will always be favourites.

Brody Lordsburg 03 April 2010

Next time Chinese will say that Jewish homosexual parents endanger children. And Jews will deprive all homosexual parents of their rights. Chinese said so, you see?

Torri Los_Alamos 03 April 2010

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