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How many Jews work with enemies?

Libya released Israeli citizen and alleged spy Rafael Haddad in return for Israel delivering some humanitarian aid to Gaza and some secret concessions.

Haddad’s release was negotiated with the Libyans by Martin Shlaff and undisclosed Eastern European Jewish oligarchs—who, it transpires, maintain cozy relations with one of our fiercest enemies.

UPDATE: Israeli government published details on the humanitarian help allowed into Gaza. In return for a single ultra-leftist, Haddad, Israel allowed into Gaza enough cement to build 1,250 housing units. Hamas will use the cement to build bunkers – an outcome the government had stressed for three years as a reason for our blockade of Gaza.

Israel also allowed UNRWA to accept $50 million from Libya to, allegedly, build those 1,250 housing units, or $40,000 per unit. That’s a lie because a typical apartment in Gaza costs ten times less. In essence, the government allowed Libya to subsidize Hamas.

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I know what other traitors work with the arabs – The Haaretz edition. If any one reads it. All the opinions are all anti israel and the thumbs up are always being won by the anti israeli opinion. I got sick of that internet edition. If I wanted to read arabs b/s i would, but I did not expect it in an Israeli edition. So, do not look any furtehr israelis for people working for the arabs, just look within yourselves. Israel is now a nation full of traitors trying to defeat Israel. No one can argue aganist this argument. The Jews living in diaspora are more jews than any one else. Look at even the rabbinate – with so many -NOT ACKNWLEDGED – as jews, they go and marry abroad. Is that how the rabbinate wants to increase the number of jews. Or are they working against God and the patriarchs, trying to destroy Israel from within. THANK GOD, THERE ARE JEWS – REAL JEWS LIVING ABROAD. What a shame

Alfredo Sydney 13 August 2010

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