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How Jewish are the American Jews?

According to current polls, some 62% of American Jews want Obama reelected. That number is inflated somewhat by the inclusion of non-halachic Jews, who presumably have less affinity for Israel, but clearly the majority of American Jews are ready to re-elect a certified anti-Israeli politician who endangers our very existence by preventing our attack on Iran.

Jews for Obama

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And we are oh, so worried about all those terrible Christians who support us at every turn. Yes, those Christian supporters are a big problem – quite embarrassing really. Why do we need them when we have such wonderful Leftist, Obama-loving Jews?

Neil USA 04 April 2012

I’m much more concerned with the possibility that nationalist Jews will continue to support Likud. That’s a much bigger danger.

They will continue to be willing participants in the Likud plan to partition their country.

Moshe Feiglin is a good man but since he has invested his life on his dream of taking over Likud, it’s doubtful that he can he can be made to understand that the Likud establishment will never allow him or other nationalists to take over the party.

Obama can do only limited harm to Israel. The Likud and the coalition can destroy Israel through the partition of the country and Arab terror that is sure to follow the creation of the Islamic state of Palestine.

Blaming Obama is a diversion from the greatest threat to Israel going on right now: an Israeli government way too sympathetic to Arab demands.

Canadian Otter 04 April 2012

That statistics must be wrong.

It would be the same than saying

that you are against yourself.

If you are a jew, how can you elect

someone who is against you?

dina bogota 05 April 2012

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