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How crazy was the Mossad chief?

Meir Dagan has once again gone public with odious comments. This time he demanded Israeli involvement in Syria because it is a moral imperative for Jews to help people suffering under a murderous regime.

Oh yeah? Then why doesn’t Israel help Russian Chechens or Chinese Uigurs?

There is of course no moral imperative for any people to assist their sworn enemies who have tried to eradicate them for three thousand years, including three direct wars and scores of proxy conflicts in recent decades.

Dagan sounds really silly. Who would expect the Muslim regime coming up in place of Assad to be less brutal than his secular and normally non-intrusive government?

Meir Dagan

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What has gotten into Dagan? He was the head of Mossad for crying out loud! Can’t he analyze international politics? Or is he just trying to be a pet of the leftist media? Either way, he’s undermining Israel’s cause terribly.

anneinpt PetachTikva 21 June 2012

Look who is talking!!!!!!!!!!

Solomon Riyadh 21 June 2012

Mr. Dagan makes no sense, even a sixth grader can see how dumb and futile that is.

Chuck Bendor 22 June 2012

Sounds to me like he got sacked because he is no longer mentally competent

Yitzchok Yerushalayim 22 June 2012

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