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Homosexual gets homosexual parents

In a precedent-setting decision, Ramat Gan court allowed two homosexual professors to adopt a thirty-year-old homosexual as their son. The odd family has lived together for fourteen years.

The “father,” 42, is just twelve years older than the adopted “son.” Dr.Amit Kama’s dissertation deals with how gays interact among themselves. Kama’s work is not exactly Kama Sutra, but closer to porn than to academic discourse.

The “mother,” Dr.Uzi Even, was the first openly homosexual Knesset member, elected on the communist Meretz Party list. Even’s political connections allowed him to push the court for such an unorthodox decision.

What is so difficult to understand about Leviticus 20:13, “And the man who lays with a man like with woman, that is abomination, let them be executed, their blood is on them [rather than on their executioners].”

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This is funny!
Why did they adopt a 30 years old man??
Anyway,who cares, they don’t endanger the national security, so why kill them?

Ray Bright 12 March 2009

try to be tolerant…we are not moslems who are intolerant…we are people who care about ALL beings on this planet.

Myackie austin,tx 12 March 2009

It’s not up to me to decide. The Torah bans such behavior for Jews, so what am I supposed to do?

admin 12 March 2009

I got an idea, why don’t people quit judging others and worry about their own lives and less about their neighbors.

If it doesn’t directly effect you, stfu, move along.

Shadus Canton,OH 13 March 2009

Not to imply a parallel, but by that logic Americans should not have fought the Nazis?
See, you’re right in secular worldview. But Judaism imposes on us certain obligations, which is not for us to evaluate.

admin 14 March 2009

Americans should not have fought the Nazis?

That is correct.

violent acres 18 March 2009

Why would you say you’re not trying to imply a parallel and then directly imply the parallel?

Guess what! A whole great big bunch of people don’t care in the least what Leviticus says about anything, or about the invisible man in cloud city. Your morals are based on a delusion, and you seek to limit the rights of others because of your mental illness.

anthony Boston 18 March 2009

See, you question my morality, I question yours, and in the end it’s about a place for each one to live. I don’t care of gentile homosexuals having sex with sheep or whatever in Boston, but not Jews in Eretz Yisrael.

admin 18 March 2009

I don’t think one can refute that the Torah demands death to men who lie with men, but the question is whether or not ethics should be taken without any evaluation or critical thinking from manuscripts written by a small culture in the middle east. If one claims that the ethics come from god and cannot be refuted, Then why do most Christians today find it immoral to kill others that do not believe in their God when the Old testament explicitly demands such an act. Many think that civil rights came about because of good christian people, but Philemon from the new testement, writen by Paul, is a letter telling Philemon that he can have his slave back, but he should be nice to his slave. Jesus did not preach against slavery, unless it was the slavery of the hebrews of course. They were God’s chosen people but others could be enslaved by them, no prob. Critical thinking and a basic love for our fellow man is what brings about real ethical revolutions more than stubborn and groupthink and self righteousness from adhering to the rules set down by a few men a few thousand years before medicine and psychology.

lexy rogers 19 March 2009

what would your rabbi say if he knew you were on the internet tsk tsk tsk

anon 08 April 2009

Anyone who thinks the Torah or Bible should be interpreted literally lacks the intelligence required to sustain a reasonable debate.

If you believe in the literal value of these ancient texts, I suppose you also have no qualms with slavery or giving your daughters away into prostitution? Perhaps you also feel that disobedient children should be stoned? After all, these are proscribed by these same, infallible texts.

Homosexuals have as much a right as anyone else to pursue happiness in a way that doesn’t impinge on the rights of others. Cloaking irrational, homophobic behaviors in the vail of religious propriety is a farce.

Danny Colorado,USA 08 April 2009

“What is so difficult to understand about Leviticus 20:13, “And the man who lays with a man like with woman, that is abomination, let them be executed, their blood is on them [rather than on their executioners].””

I don’t know… perhaps they’re not christian? Or maybe they just don’t believe in killing people for what they do in the bedroom.

Sebatinsky 08 April 2009

Arrogance of ignorance… Torah bans Jews from giving our daughters to prostitution.
Homosexuals are commanded to be executed not for what they do in the bedroom but for what they do in our land.

admin 09 April 2009

Hats off to that couple. As a gay man, I’ve learned enough about illegal children among the “straight” (heterosexual) set to know that the adopted son in this case is going to have a far better lifestyle and chance in today’s world. All too many young teenagers (“boys” and “girls” literally) are popping out children, and virtually leaving them in the hospital’s delivery room. Just as same-sex marriage should be and will be accepted eventually ’round this world, so will adoption. There are enough illegal children in China alone to make adoption by all gay couples in this world quite possible.

George NewYork 11 September 2009

It is very unfortunate that creatures now make themselves equal to their creator the ‘Almighty One’.To show that the act is a proof of a constant rebellion of the devil himself against the ‘Almighty God Himself’….what is it a man has that a woman does not have even much more?For a piece of ‘dust’like we all are to dare stand-up to the one who has the exclusive preserve to keep us alive and question His wisdom is nothing but a ‘wasted generation’.

Ugo Nigeria 11 September 2009

What do homosexuals do to your land? Is it because they have no children? Well this couple wanted a child and then adopted him. What exactly is your problem? Speak clearly about the issue you have with this couple, besides what is written in Leviticus.

Mar michigan 11 September 2009

I am pretty sure that the God I serve said, “Judge not lest ye be judged”. Does that mean I agree with homosexuality? Not necessarily…but then again I cannot get them into heaven and they cannot get me there. I think that we should pay more attention to respecting our neighbors and not to criticizing what we cannot understand or even begin to change. What business is it of ours what someone else does. Take the time to evaluate your actions and not the actions of someone else.

Rosemary Texas,USA 11 September 2009

Homesexual father and mother is something new and fresh. And this family is really something interesting:))) If we think about religion, their deeds are awful. But this homesexual father may be ten times better than a non-homosexual one. There’s no sense in being prejudiced against such cases.

Ella Eagle_River 22 March 2010

I wonder what those blokes from the organization like Christians united for reform would say to such a “family”? perhaps they will enjoy it as this so democratic and liberal.

Diego Lompoc 02 April 2010

Homosexual parents endanger children. At least that’s what so many people think and say nowadays. But why don’t they say the same about families where parents are drug addicted? Or do only Homosexual parents endanger children?

Dakota Longview 02 April 2010

Sexual orientation is a deeply personal and private thing. So, instaed of thinking about homosexual parents as if there’re hundreds of thousands of them, remember about a Hezbollah’s 2006 war and think about such primitive things as planes, arms and so on.

Gara Lorain 02 April 2010

Torah cannot be interpreted literally and that’s why it is extremely stupid to be so much aggressive about homosexuals. life changes, you know and nowadays either the Bible or Torah cannot be interpreted literally .

Kai Madrid 05 April 2010

Instead of thinking whether it is possible or not in accordance with laws of Torah, Arabs would kill such people right at once. And then would make an Iranian Syrian treaty as they actually have already. I.e., what I mean is that while Israelis talk, Arabs do.

Phemie Magdalena 05 April 2010

It’s such nonsense to discuss it. Many homosexual couple all over the world adopt children and their sexual orientation doesn’t influence their parenthood at all! But Jews traditionally prefer some gossip. And considering that Haiti is suffering from the earthquake and in accordance with Haiti news Israeli aid hasn’t come yet, probably, it’s wiser to concentrate the efforts on this issue trather than on gays.

Rhys Naples 09 April 2010

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