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Holocaust perpetrators call their fate, Holocaust

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, whose populations actively collaborated with Nazis to annihilate local Jewry, demanded that EU defines Russian atrocities against them as Holocaust. Soviet Union prosecuted political opponents and arbitrarily defined “enemies of the state” but never conducted genocide in the Baltic states.

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Baltic states are well-known for their strong will to be the most miserable ones. And their fate Holocaust is another premise for it. And it doesn’t actually matter that there wasn’t any fate Holocaust as such.

Ryan Danielson 22 March 2010

These Baltic countries are concerned about some fictitious Russian genocide against their population (as if Russians had nothing left to do but to stalk them) while at the East people are worried about terroristic monopoly in Lebanon. And they definitely have more reasons to be worried about it.

Logan Danville 22 March 2010

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