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Hizbullah wants monopoly on terrorism in Lebanon

Hizbullah’s boss Nasrallah supports the Lebanese government’s efforts to destroy Palestinian terrorists in the refugee camp in Lebanon, but warns the government against escalation. Nasrallah is concerned that the prolonged conflict will draw Sunni guerrillas associated with Al Qaeda into Lebanon. Hizbullah and its sponsors, Syria and Iran, want a monopoly on violence in Lebanon.

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Terroristic monopoly in Lebanon is hardly good for Israelis since this means one organization will be the strongest and wil be able to consolidate the power. Terroristic monopoly in Lebanon is better to be avoided.

Joshua Daly_City 22 March 2010

Israel newspaper and Hezbollah spread rumours that this terroristic organization is going to attack Israel in the nearest future. So, it’s interesting what the members of this organization will choose?

Alyssa Danbury 22 March 2010

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