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High Court prohibits Israel Lands Administration to prevent illegal land takeover by Bedouins

The Administration must not spray disputed lands with chemical dangerous to Bedouins and animals. The Courtís Arab judge rules the Administration have no right to protect the land against Bedouin incursions.

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Zello 17 May 2008

Are you sure that this isn’t some anti-Semite rag depicting the Jews as poisoners of wells, or in this case, the very land itself?

Norman Elliott USA 12 September 2010

What kind of an oxymoron is that? What?? Sounds like ya all need to get a new judge.

louie67 mesa,AZUS 15 June 2011

I’m usually on Israel’s side & love you. But isn’t it a ritual that has been there for many years that the Bedouin migrate regularly along North and South?

Is this an area where they haven’t lived before?

Glome Edwardsville,KsUSA 12 May 2012

That’s true, Bedouin situation is complicated, especially since their number ballooned in the recent decades. The illegal towns in question are permanent by now.

admin 13 May 2012

In USA, if we allow the public to us a road or pathway that is our personal property, it nevertheless becomes public property after so long of a time. So I kind of understand :) Also, a ballooning Bedouin population would cause a problem. Thank you for explaining.

Glome Edwardsville,KsUSA 13 May 2012

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