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Hezbollah's moderation is less than believed

As Hezbollah became embroiled in the Lebanese political process, the group became substantially more moderate. The 2006 abduction of Israeli soldiersówhich led to the warówas pushed through by Iran over Nasrallah’s strenuous objections.

Dissatisfied with Hezbollah’s moderation, some of its members are developing their own plans of attack. They will eventually split the way Hezbollah split from Amal.

Certainly it was one of these splinter groups, rather than Hezbollah’s central command, which attempted the assassination of Israel’s Chief of Staff. A centrist Israeli government went to war over two soldiers, and a right-wing government would have no choice but to attack Lebanon over the death of the Israeli Chief of Staff. If Hezbollah had wanted such a major confrontation, it would have carried out a much more professional operation than just inciting a few hapless Israeli Arabs.

The Arab Israeli Balad party, from whose illegal camp Hezbollah recruited the would-be assassins, vowed to continue its anti-Israeli incitement.

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