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Hezbollah is unlikely to start an all-out war

There has been much analysis of Nasrallah’s speech to his commanders a week ago detailing his plan to launch 10,000 rockets at Israel and capture enclaves in Galilee. That is not realistic.

How many rocket-launching sites and weapons stores might Hezbollah have that we do not know of? A few dozen, perhaps. Add a hundred locations inside villages that we might find it difficult to bomb. We’re talking a few hundred rockets that could be launched before they were destroyed. And those are low-yield rockets, which can damage buildings but not flatten blocks.

But Hezbollah understands that Israel would use massive attacks as a pretext to retaliate against Lebanon and try to oust Hezbollah from its hard-won political position. So it makes little sense to risk such losses to help the ayatollahs.

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