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Hezbollah bloc wins in Lebanon

There is no doubt that the Hezbollah-led bloc will gain a majority, or at least veto power in today’s elections.

More importantly, Hezbollah’s victory crushes the fragile decades-old arrangement in the Lebanese parliament by which each ethnic and religious group had its place and quota. The upheaval may leave several parties, including the Druze and some Christians, opting for another round of civil war.

America pumped from 400 million to two billion dollars into Lebanese elections, mostly to bribe the voters. For Obama, the US failure in Lebanon presents a huge opportunity: he will claim he has no choice now but to engage Hezbollah and Syria in negotiations. Obama’s only bargaining chip in the negotiations will be Israel.

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Will you please stop your useless propaganda, and predictions of a civil war in Lebanon?

Libano Beirut 07 June 2009

Hezbollah lost, but in fact this is what they wanted. Hezbollah benefits from being in the opposition, because it means less responsibility, even though they control the country anyway.

RB 08 June 2009

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