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Have you stocked iodine pills?

As the Western analysts keep guessing over the US intelligence estimate (NIE) that absolves Iran of the nuclear program, we commented immediately upon publishing the NIE that the Bush Administration struck a separate peace deal with Iran: the US gave green light to Iranian nuclear program (empty sanctions notwithstanding) in exchange for Iran curtailing its support for Iraqi guerrillas. In terms of the US public opinion, a semblance of victory in Iraq is more important than the remote nuclear threat to Jews.
Without the victory in Iraq, Republicans stand no chance in the next year’s elections.
With or without Bush’s support, the Republican Party officials struck a deal with Iran.
It is unlikely that Bush would bomb Iran contrary to the intelligence estimate. Should Olmert gather the guts to attack Iran, Israel would be ostracized internationally, as usual. Barak accepted the US intelligence estimates, and is unlikely to push through with the Israeli attack on Iran. The “Jewish” traitors care of warm relations with their American friends, and to hell that Jewish state.
Imagine Iran which runs 50,000 centrifuges that enrich uranium to the weapons grade, possesses nuclear-capable ballistic missiles and every element of nuclear warhead design. The US Administration wants us to believe that that Iran won’t produce nuclear weapons.

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admin 07 December 2007

On a serious note, where can you buy iodine pills?

Anonymous 05 May 2009

Of course they may produce iodine in Iran but I wonder how many people would believe it*LOL* If they produce iodine in Iran, there will be an beconomic crisis in drugs manufacturing very soon.

Astolat Cayenne 22 March 2010

Some people say that in order to fight successfully with Arabs in general and Iran in particular, Jews should have more Jewish babies.

Astryd Central_Islip 22 March 2010

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