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Hariri bows to Iran

As an international tribunal was poised to accuse Hezbollah of assassinating his father, Hariri Jr paid homage to the ayatollahs. During his stay in Iran, he reportedly asked them to restrain Hezbollah. Yet, why would Iran do that?

To keep his government safe from Hezbollah riots, Hariri will have to offer Iran the same wide-ranging concessions he offered to Syria.

The price of keeping a somewhat pro-Western government in Lebanon is giving that country away to Syria and Iran. And Hariri is turning into their puppet.

Hariri and Ahmadinejad

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Just another moran.

Semyon NewYork 30 November 2010

This is heartbreaking. Shaking hands with your father’s murderer.

Poppy Bison Foresthill 30 November 2010

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