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Hamas warned Muslims to flee Israel

suicide bombingThe terrorist group warned foreign Muslims to leave Israel immediately. Presumably, this includes the West Bankers, many of whom hold Jordanian citizenship and work in Small Israel.

There is no doubt as to the ability of Hamas and PIJ to stage massive terrorist attacks in Israel. The near-absence of suicide bombers for two or three years is largely a product of an implicit agreement between Shabak and the terrorist groups to abstain from escalation. As Israel refused her part of the agreement, it is certain that Hamas will abandon its part.

Considering the porous West Bank border, bringing suicide bombers into Israel is a slam-dunk affair for Hamas. It is rather probable that the terrorists have developed primitive weapons of mass destruction with Iranian and Syrian help. Both of those countries have expertise in chemical weapons, thanks to Russia and North Korea. The pattern of Iraqi truck bombings, where gas cylinders reinforce the charge, may find its way into Israel. Many Arabs routinely drive trucks transporting gas cylinders.

Hamas’ warning is unrelated to its ability to launch Grad rockets because relatively few foreign Muslims stay in southern Israeli cities within the Grad range. Most likely, Hamas means to attack in Jerusalem, a traditional stage for suicide bombings where Arabs are plentiful.

The Israeli government’s attitude to Hamas’ threats is ambivalent. On one hand, suicide bombings drive voters away from the current government. On other hand, suicide attacks in Jerusalem reinforce the government’s position on abandoning its Arab neighborhoods, and also drives voters away from Netanyahu, whose security credentials are suspect. Limited attacks would benefit the government in terms of elections, but rampaging terrorism will discredit Livni.

Terrorist attacks on foreign—especially Israeli—tourists in Egypt are probable, as Arabs correctly accuse that country of collaboration with Israel.

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