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Hamas sets up HQ in Shifa Hospital

According to Public Security Minister Avi Dichter, IDF cannot attack a hospital for “obvious reasons.” Hamas members even wear medical robes in the hospital. This underscores the impossibility of waging a war against an enemy population while trying to separate wolves from the sheep who vote for them.

Dichter also confirmed that every UNRWA school and installation houses scores of terrorists who fled there.

Earlier today, PIJ revealed that they used Red Cross ambulances to cross into northern Gaza to fight IDF.

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Hamas HQ in hospital is what they are all about! This idea might have come only to these treacherous people! Hamas HQ in hospital should’t be regarded as something sacred. They knew they would be running a risk.

Adil Istanbul 22 March 2010

Yes, Israel definitely should fight with those disgusting creatures irrespective of whether it is a hospital or something else. Arabs themselves would never hesitate.

Chen Beijing 22 March 2010

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