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Hamas: Palestine yes, Israel no

Hamas’ leadership rejected Jimmy Carter’s call to accept a two-state solution. The details offer a rare glimpse of Arab thinking.

Hamas is willing to accept a “springboard state” of Palestine within the 1948 bordersóbut not Israel on the other side of the border. After the Palestinian state is established, Hamas can promise to refrain from attacking Israel only for the time being – a fifteen-year truce.

Hamas’ position is honestly based on Islam, which does not tolerate non-Islamic states in this land. Neither does Judaism tolerate non-Jewish worship here.

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Yes, Israel will never put up with the presence of these stupid creatures! Yes, Israel will keep on fighting with them!

JEWJEWJEW Karachi 22 March 2010

It’s a pity Israel has succumbed to the dictate of this organization. Otherwise, ALL representatives of Hamas would have been dead already.

Aiko Nagoya 22 March 2010

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