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Hamas fights radicals in Gaza

In what amounts to a war by Gaza’s standards, twenty-two Arabs were killed and over 150 wounded when Hamas assaulted a mosque full of Jund Ansar Allah members. Unlike Israel, Hamas had no qualms about tearing down a mosque.

The fight called the bluff of Israeli propaganda during the Gaza war. When several high-level Muslim commanders died fighting the IDF, leftist Israeli media asserted that lower-level commanders had fled the battlefield, making it necessary for the major figures to rally their troops. We believed, on the contrary, that brave guerrilla leaders led their troops into deadly battles—unlike the IDF’s top brass, which sat in Tel Aviv bunkers. In the Jund Ansar Allah clashes, the leader of Hamas’s Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades was killed—confirming our view that Palestinian guerrilla leaders join the battles of their own free will.

Jund Ansar Allah sought to enforce Muslims values on Gazans, and proclaimed the place an Islamic emirate. Compared to them, Hamas and the Islamic Brotherhood are very moderate. At most, Hamas imposes a dress code on female lawyers, but otherwise refrains from enforcing Islamic conduct.

For now, Jund Ansar Allah and other radical Muslim groups in Gaza are rather small, but they can grow quickly if Israel continues to weaken Hamas.

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Hamas and Jund Ansar Allah members show how “real” guys, i.e. Arabs treat each other*LOL*. Hamas and Jund Ansar Allah members are very funny. But it’s a nice example for Jewish government. Let’s do the same!

Kia MOTORS LosAngeles 22 March 2010

There are a lot of things Hamas should be proud of and this is one of them. The speed of their decision making is impressive.

Spell BuenosAires 22 March 2010

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