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Hamas calls Israeli bluff

As we have asserted from day one, it is almost certain by now that the Gaza campaign was an election show, and lacked political objectives.
Israeli tanks are massed at the border with Gaza for four days but don’t cross into hostile territory. IAF continues sporadic raids against non-viable targets. Resurgent Hamas pounds Israel with dozens of rockets as far as Beersheba, hitting Israel’s major highway.

Israel’s leftists joined her Arabs to push for a ceasefire. Peace Now, Meretz, and Avodah joined hands against the invasion.
The Israeli government is split on the army’s suggestion to offer Hamas a ceasefire. Hamas, for its part, has gained the initiative and rejects a ceasefire.

Israel is heading into a PR disaster. A brilliant punishing raid turned into a half-hearted war. An invasion of Gaza would be long, indecisive, and result in significant Jewish casualties. The absence thereof would leave Hamas victorious, as the Zionist aggressor proved afraid to face it in combat.

The Gaza operation recalls Olmert’s vision of the Second Lebanon War. As he testified before the Winograd Commission, the war was expected to last a couple of days only. He and Barak played the same scenario in Gaza: an aerial strike, good for punishing, but useless as a long-term solution.

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you can say that this attack is an election show when they are throwing rockets at schools
with no intention to stop
what do you suggest ?
we just sit and let them ?
i’m all for peaceful solutions
they are not
sometimes you have to fight fire with fire

yael telaviv 31 December 2008

Our solution is simple. In fact, this is the only viable solution: depopulate Gaza, expel all Palestinians far and away. The current operation solves nothing.

admin 31 December 2008


This operation will solve a lot! Despite all that is said, On Lebanon border it is quiet for 2 years now. This is the only target, to get some peace for as long term as can get. Hamas doesn’t want peace – they want the whole country for the Palestinians! The Israeli left wing can “think peace” as much as they like but –
the “peaceful” hamas DOesN’T WANT PEACE> so – Israel will have to keep striking you (and your kind) whenever it is needed. This is Israel’s survival. You are NOT going to have this country for yourselves! Sory, but we are going to stay! We are going to fight and we will win, like always before! See? We are still here. We don’t wish to “grow” – but don’t make us…

dud 01 January 2009

But Israel doesn’t close Lebanese border for all supplies like in Gaza. Besides, Hezbollah has domestic agenda while Hamas doesn’t.

admin 01 January 2009

You are wrong. Israel border with Lebanon is not open for any supplies. Gaza can approach Egypt and other countries for supplies and health care! Why should Israel who is being attacked by Hammas for 8 years – help them, while their own brothers don’t?

dud 02 January 2009

I meant the Lebanese border with Syria, just at s arranged with Egypt to close Rafah.
Israel doesn’t help Gaza, she sells the supplies to Arabs profitably and would gain nothing if Egypt and Jordan replace her as the suppliers.

admin 02 January 2009

Meshugenas is defined as doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting somehow the same dang thing to lead to a different outcome.

Olmert & Co. are totally nuts

Paul Freedman FallsChurch,VA 02 January 2009

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