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Hamas becomes more militant

young Hamas commandersTwo years ago, Hamas offered Israel a long-term truce. There were various offers, from fifteen years to infinity. Muslims cannot accept permanently a non-Islamic state in what they view as Muslim land.

The unwarranted Israeli blockade of Gaza discredited the older generation of Hamas leaders who sought an understanding with the Jewish state. The younger generation of militants won elections in the Hamas Council months ago. IDF operations in Gaza made any collaboration with Israel politically unacceptable.

Hamas rejected Israel’s lame offer of an eighteen-month truce and offered only a twelve-month truce if Israel opened border crossings with Gaza. Hamas reiterated that a longer truce would contradict the group’s purpose of legitimate resistance against the occupation of Palestinian land, including Tel Aviv and Haifa.

Fatah has similarly radicalized its position: in the wake of Obama’s call to Abbas, the PLO’s Executive Council rejected any peace treaty with Israel other than her withdrawal to the 1949 armistice border, which would mean evicting 600,000 Jews from the homes they have lived in for three generations.

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