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Half a billion dollars worth of cocaine seized in Haifa

Denying the dire predictions of economic crisis, drug distributors attempted to bring  3,000 lbs of cocaine into Israel. The catch is the largest in Israeli history, but pales compared to the drug market’s routine turnover.
We can sell the cocaine to Palestinians and cover the pension funds’ losses.

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This Israeli cocaine is something significant, to be true. And the idea that Israeli cocaine might be used for Palestinians is the brightest I’ve ever heard.

Christopher Columbus 22 March 2010

After such news British gas+Israel offshore gas field are nothing comparing to Israeli cocaine.

Woody Moines 22 March 2010

Cocaine in Israel doesn’t surprise anyone. There’re Arabs in this country and everyone knows that if there’re Arabs, there’re are drugs as well.Cocaine in Israel demonstrates that the government and police do not work hard enough first to get rid of Arabs, second to make them enjoy withdrawal syndrome.

Nessie Lindenhurst 02 April 2010

People forget about basic religious rules and Jewish ancient court here in Israel. According to Sanhedrin building the temple should be done in a different way. And the attitude towards drugs dealers should be different, too. Authorities are too kind harming both Israelis and Arabs as well.

Nairna Linz 02 April 2010

Billion dollars worth of cocaine is not the first and definitely not the last accident. Arabs are known as drug-addicts all over the world. So, billion dollars worth of cocaine should concentrate their efforts to prevent such accidents because the Israeli government is too loyal to Arabs.

Aileene McAllen 06 April 2010

Apart from drugs there’s also Morocco news uncensored saying that the blokes are going to buy quite a big piece of land in Israel and Moroccans are loyal not to Israelis only.

Lucca Melrose_Park 06 April 2010

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