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Hadash rallies against National Service

The Arab Party Hadash organized a demonstration in the town of Shfaram against the Israeli government’s attempts to induce Arabs to join Shirut Leumi, the alternative to IDF service.

Israeli leftists are increasingly pushing for Arab participation in Shirut Leumi to alleviate public concerns over the gross preference given to Arab citizens: they vote and receive benefits from the state but don’t spend three years in IDF. Shirut Leumi service for Arabs would also allow the left to ban a popular discrimination measure: Jewish businesses often advertise the hiring of IDF veterans to avoid hiring Arab enemies.

Shirut Leumi is mostly a scam to begin with, as very few of its jobs actually benefit society.

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If Arabs are against national service, tyhey should be forced into it because if they claim themselves to be the citizens of Israel,they definitely shouldn’t be against national service.

Tina Phillipsburg 22 March 2010

Of course Arabs don’t feel like performing any duties and military as well. It is much better to shoot Grad in Beer Sheva.

Natalie Mechanicsburg 22 March 2010

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