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Government wants more Arabs

Speaking in Europe, Lieberman clarified that the government does not endorse his land-for-Arabs peace plan. He wants Israeli areas with dense Arab populations to be abandoned to Palestine in any future peace deal.

Lieberman’s offer is defeatist: it is clearly better for Israel to expel those Arabs than to give up land. But what can be the government’s reason for rejecting his plan?

Jordan rescinded the citizenship of its Palestinians citizens—and there were almost no complaints. Many countries had unilaterally diminished their borders. Israel need not even rescind the citizenship of her Arabs: once we abandoned their towns, they would choose to stay there under Palestinian jurisdiction rather than remain homeless in Israel. Our government is prepared to evict tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of Jews from their villages in Judea and Samaria—but not the Arabs.

Why would the PLO recognize us as a Jewish state when our government does not?

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don’t give up any more land . to please the palestinian.if israel do they are crazy your govenment need help enough is enough

ernie newglasgow 20 September 2010

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