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Government rescinds land sale to Jews

The Israeli Lands Administration canceled one of the two auctions won by the B’Emuna (“With Faith”) development company.

B’Emuna builds residential neighborhoods for religious Jews in areas encroached upon by Arabs. The two auctions awarded B’Emuna land plots in Yaffo, a town on the outskirts of Tel Aviv which is increasingly becoming Arab.

Arabs and Tel Aviv municipality protested B’Emuna’s plans as racist.

Ben Gurion would have been surprised. Sixty years ago, he presided over the eviction of almost all Arabs from Yaffo, which was at that time a predominantly Arab town.

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The fact that there is no land for sale in Israel by Iraeli government is shocking even for Israel. Is there any other country in the world where the citizens of this ountry couldn’t buy the land?! No land for sale in Israel by Iraeli government is a contradiction to the very essence of state and citizenship.

Judith Samaria 22 March 2010

This case may happen perhaps only in this country! Israel can’t make a step without being watched and controlled by countries from all over the world both when it comes to its external policy like the fact that Israel supplies Georgia with weapons and internal, too.

inna Judia 22 March 2010

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