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Government mulls silencing the ultra-left

According to the Jerusalem Post, the government is contemplating barring Israeli NGOs from taking donations from foreign governments.

The ban is unlikely because of the great influence NGOs have on leftist parties and the High Court. Shimon Peres, whose NGOs are the largest beneficiaries of foreign aid, would oppose the legislation.

The ban would be unenforceable because the aid can be channeled through Western NGOs and wealthy Israeli leftists, rather than coming directly from hostile governments.

Tit for tat is the only proper response, with Israel financing pro-independence NGOs in Basque Country and Northern Ireland. They would also appreciate military training in Israel and once they win, we can be assured of more friendly governments.

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Nevertheless, a good first step would be to expel the British, Dutch, and Spanish ambassadors.

RB USA 01 August 2009

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