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Government compensates Palestinians

In a shocking move, the government paid 250,000 shekels to fifty Arab families who allegedly suffered minor damage to their houses during the Hebron riots last December.

By thus accepting its responsibility, the government opens itself to myriad Palestinian claims against IDF.

The government’s move is especially obscene considering that the Palestinian Authority refuses to make payments to Jewish victims of its terror as ordered by Israeli and American court verdicts. The government also ignored extensive damage to Jewish houses from routine Palestinian riots in Hebron, where many Jews live in bullet-ridden caravans.

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And what about Jewish people who have suffered under the IDF?

RevBadel Memphis 09 June 2009

Reading all the information the question comes to any mind: are israeli elite brain damaged, or all that is done deliberately? Such disgusting story. It is the real reason for anti-semitism.Nation of Entebe is permitting to itself all what we live through in our country.

ida Rehovot 30 July 2009

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