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Good defense caused school bus attack

The Iron Dome and Trophy made Israeli towns and tanks less attractive targets for Gazans. Predictably, they switched to attacking Israel’s soft underbelly, our civilian targets. Thus the recent Muslim antitank-rocket attack on an Israeli school bus in the Negev.

The decision to install the Iron Dome is utterly wrong. Terrorists do not aim to eradicate all Jewish presence, they only need to score some hits. When we deny them hits by intercepting their rockets, they have to switch to our less protected targets. The only proper response to Muslim attacks from Gaza is retaliation.

Bus hit by rocket

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Small correction.

Don’t know where the reporter lives exactly, but here in Israel, the Hamas (and other terror organizations) ALWAYS aimed to our citizens.

All those bus explosions, restaurants explosions, house-break-family-slaughters, shop-center explosions, where not aimed at military targets or something official. They were aimed toward civilians, and took lives of hundreds of men, women, children and babies.

So the Iron domes actually protects civilians. We have a city (Sderot) that is being bombarded by palastinians for years. And I mean private civilian houses and shops are being bombarded, again and again. Now more cities around it are being bombarded. The Iron dome comes to protect these.

Ani Telaviv 09 April 2011

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