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German Jews sever ties with Vatican over a mass

which urges Jews to convert. The issues emerge:
- Why Jews had any relations with Vatican in the first place?
- What Jews have to do with a [moderated version of] Christian prayer, especially that Jewish prayers are pretty intolerant?
- What are Jews doing in post-Nazi Germany?

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The Vatican asking Jews to convert? I thought it was necessary that everyone converts to Islam. What am I missing here?

Jerry Ram Toronto 01 April 2008

Rabbi Arthur Schneier of Park East Synagogue welcomes the nazi pope Benedict and presents him Matzah and a Seder Plate. ”
So maybe they only untied the belt until the pants fell around the ankles, not really severed them.

Emeq Hawaii 20 April 2008

If living even in Germany why have problems with Vatican?

Anonymous 07 May 2009

Vatican and Jews who respect themselves will never find a compromise. Vatican and Jews have nothing common in the same way as Jews and Arabs.

Archbishop Vatican 19 March 2010

Jews can’t put up with certain things such as “Mein Kampf” publication, conversion and the like. That’s why we managed to survive despite everything.

Reigning Jew Berlin 19 March 2010

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