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German Jewish leaders welcome the Mein Kampf publication

Hitler’s infamous book was banned in Germany for six decades. Enough is enough, and good Germans demand access to their cultural heritage. German academics spearhead the struggle for publication. German Jewish leaders informally supported the publication (a freedom of speech, you know, we should not offend German sensitivities) and now the chief of Berlin Judenrat one Zuskind formally announced her support for the publication.

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did the book tell germans to kill jews

Anonymous 09 June 2008

Implicitly, yes

admin 10 June 2008

About time. The book is the best evidence of how evil Hitler was.

Anonymous 17 December 2008

The book is currently selling like hotcakes in the Arab world. A real treat for any Jew-hater. I would question those who regard this book as part of their cultural heritage.

Lillemor Houston 14 February 2009

“Mein Kampf” publication shouldn’t cause so much excitement or indignancy on the part of Jews. What would their religious laws say about the Kamasutra then? It may be even worse than “Mein Kampf” publication!

Thomas Mann Baden 19 March 2010

Jews always get too much excited about things they shouldn’t be bothered with. It’s true for this book and for Taam Food and many other things.

In pursuit of Happiness Memphis 19 March 2010

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