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German agent in Iran supplied missile technology

“Sinbad,” the top German agent who reported on Iran’s nuclear program for ten years, double-crossed his masters. German customs arrested him for delivering critical missile technology to Iran. It is unknown whether BND, the German intelligence, knew about the smuggling. It might well have been informed, because its objective was to amass information, rather than stop Iran’s nuclear program. An exchange of missile technology for nuclear reports is a likely possibility.

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German agents Iran has been suffering from (and not only German ones) are real pest for this country doing so much fuss about nothing.German agents Iran has shared the country with are really awful creatures gossiping all over the world.

Hamas Hamas 19 March 2010

It’s like with Russian planes in Georgia conflict: there will be more planes and there will be more German agents because Iran is too seductive for all countries all over the world.

Louise SiouxCity 19 March 2010

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