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Gaza ceasefire nears

The UN chief harshly condemned Jewish attempts to defend their cities, and the US blocked the UNSC resolution to that effect. More or less everyone else, including France—ruled by Sarkozy, that friend of the Jews—condemned the Israeli invasion of Gaza.
Japan forgot its own atrocities sixty years ago and expressed deep concern over the situation in Gaza, which most Japanese had probably never heard of.
Russia’s President Medvedev expressed concern about the humanitarian situation in Gaza. It’s a pity Israel didn’t express concern about humanitarian situation in Chechnya.

Hamas would hardly agree to a formal ceasefire that involves Israeli occupation of north Gaza.

The legal aspects of ceasefire are also unclear. Hamas is not a recognized government and cannot approve the agreement. Fatah is powerless in Gaza, and Abbas’ presidential term expires in a few days. The UN would settle for a de facto ceasefire—a UNSC call that all parties would observe without subscribing to it formally. A de facto ceasefire would not be easy to implement, though, as smaller Palestinian terrorist groups have no reason to abide by it, just as they would have no reason to abide by the peace treaty.

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