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Gaza ceasefire broken

Palestinians Arabs attacked an IDF patrol on the Israeli side of the border with Gaza. In the ensuing fight, one Israeli soldier was killed, and three were wounded.

It is unclear yet whether the ambush was the work of Hamas. The group did not promise Israel that it would cease fighting as long as border crossings remain closed.

In response, IDF units entered Gaza, and tanks and aviation shelled targets in the Palestinian-occupied territory.

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January 22 2009
Violence on both sides has marred the ceasefire and on Thursday a Palestinian man and girl walking near the shore in Gaza City were wounded by a shell fired from an Israeli gunboat, a Gaza health official said.

Another shell landed 100 metres away in an empty area near a UN aid distribution centre. And heavy-calibre bullet fire struck at least one house in the area, a witness said.

The Israeli military said it was firing to deter a Palestinian fishing vessel that had strayed off-limits.
Firing on the Fishing Boat was foolish and uncalled for. Seems they went way over the top on that one. No excused in my book of law.

William NewYork 28 January 2009

I will tell you even more. In New York, policemen stalked a Puerto Rican, hit him with clubs, and handcuffed.
In Colorado’s Megamax jail, the inmates didn’t receive champagne for dinner.

There’s a difference between violence and violence. Gangsters are violent and so are policemen.

And about your “book of law,” oops, I couldn’t care less. You would be still be hating Jews even if we force-feed Palestinians with dates and honey.

admin 28 January 2009

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