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Gas pipeline project dropped due to Druze threat

The Director General of the Prime Minister’s Office revealed that a plan to bring natural gas to Haifa, which would have reduced emissions and decreased costs, was canceled because the pipe had to traverse Druze land, and those loyal Arabs routinely shoot at Jewish construction workers.

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Talk about shooting yourself in the foot!!

Carole63 ColwynBay 04 September 2009

Druze pipeline is a failure because The Druse will never be our “friends” no matter what they say about their loyalty to us.Though, it’s a pity Druze pipeline failed because Israel need it badly.

the KING King'sTower 19 March 2010

Israelis will suffer from the lack of gas and finance of left organizations is managed by EU and other country friendly to poor Arabs. What about poor Jews I wonder?!

TomCat Throughthelookingglass 19 March 2010

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