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Gadhafi's departure brought Sadr's skeleton into limelight

Thirty-three years ago, Moussa Sadr fled to Libya, where he stayed at Gadhafi’s invitation. Sadr, the founder of the Amal Shiite terrorist group, was a charismatic cleric bitterly at odds with the younger and much more radical Hezbollah, and he blocked Iranian inroads into the Lebanese Shiite community. So he conveniently disappeared in Libya amid the fighting between Hezbollah and Amal. As Rabbi Kahane used to say, “Peace between Jews and Arabs? I’m waiting for peace between Arabs and Arabs. Between Hezbollah and Amal.”

Plenty of parties would pay Gadhafi to get rid of Sadr, including Israel, the US, France, Hezbollah, or Iran. Now, as the Libyan rebels rampage through government buildings, embarrassing documents may surface, shedding light on Iran’s involvement in his murder. In an effort to prevent a major PR disaster, Iran is leaning on the rebels to create a joint commission of inquiry into Sadr’s whereabouts.

Moussa Sadr

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