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From charity to assimilation

A few days after a conference of European rabbis discussed assimilation, Paris again hosted a significant Jewish event: Hadassah sought donations for its charitable activities. The high-profile gala party and auction delivered significant contributions despite the economic crisis.

The charity, though, is not intended for Jews. Hadassah will use it to provide ultra-expensive HIV treatment in Ethiopia.

When scarce Jewish charity funds go to Africans, what indeed is the reason for Jews to separate themselves and refuse assimilation?

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Jewish HIV news is not news at all. Jews have to support constantly all those poor countries.The point is however, Jews have neither desire nor abilities to do this. Jewish HIV news is upsetting.

Outrageous citizen Paris 19 March 2010

First, Jews support Ethiopia, then they participate in Morocco-Israel relations and after that the Jews turn out to be the worst people from all over the world.

Valdis Tallinn 19 March 2010

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