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Friendly Morocco subverts Israel in Jerusalem

Morocco’s government Al Quds fund purchased a minuscule 0.44 acre (1800 sq.m.) land plot in East Jerusalem to anchor Arab presence there. The deal is valued at $5 million.

Arab countries routinely attempt to buy politically sensitive properties in Jerusalem, and Israeli security services torpedo the deals. The approval for the Moroccan purchase had to come from high echelons of power, a payoff for Morocco’s benevolent stance toward Israel. Never mind that Morocco is similarly well disposed toward the Palestinian terrorists in a bid to maintain good relations with everyone.

Although most people in the West are unaware of it, Morocco runs a colonial policy in the sub-Saharan region which dwarfs the Israeli settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria.

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Morocco-Israel will never be friends because Jews and Arabs are eternal enemies. Our government should stop any Morocco-Israel relations as soon as possible because it is humiliating for us!

Geraldina Dallas 19 March 2010

There should be travel restrictions on Israeli Arabs as soon as possible to stop any communication between Israeli Arabs and those living in other countries.

Wallaby Israel 19 March 2010

This Morocco news uncensored should keep Israelis on guard and ready for everything. Besides, Morocco news uncensored says that these guys are extremely kind to Palestinians.

Declan Mc_Nary 06 April 2010

getting to know such things, Israel F-35 buy or not buy doubts should disappear right at once. Certainly, buy!

Fenella Melbourne 06 April 2010

They discuss Israel aid for Haiti. Don’t they think that Israel itself may need someone’s help in the nearest future? Those Arabs do their best to get rid of Jews as soon as possible!

Brandon Melksham 06 April 2010

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