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France protests Sarkozy's plan of Holocaust education

French people whose grandparents enthusiastically helped the Germans to deport French Jews to their deaths, oppose Sarkozy’s daring plan of Holocaust education in French schools. The plan will require each ten-year-old French to learn a short life story of one of the 11,000 French Jewish children perished in Holocaust. The protesters assert the truth would be unbearable for the young French. Let’s see.

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Sarkozy+Holocaust demonstarte a very original approach to the solution of the educational problem. But everyone should know the truth. So, Sarkozy+Holocaust plan is really nice.

Saidi Luxor 19 March 2010

Abroad there’re peole truly interested in the history of Holocaust while in Israel there is a constant Holocaust fake who tries to get money from Jewish government.

KitKat Alabama 19 March 2010

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