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For White House, Jerusalem is not Jewish

The White House slammed Romney for speaking of Jerusalem as the Jewish capital. Not that we expect that Romney would hold that position if elected, but it is still a significant comment given Washington’s ambivalent position on that issue for the last four decades.

The government spokesman accused Romney of undermining Obama’s position that Jerusalem is the Palestinian capital as well.

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Seems Obama just got a REAL history lesson .

fangs out 31 July 2012

If the Arabs where in the place of Israel what do you think do? Long time ago call jerusalen their capital and taked all Israelis peoples outside and forbid their access. But USA fear the Arab reaction to this step. And some Israelis have doubt about the support Rt hey have recibed since the begining of God. When even the USA sougth no hope that Israel survive the Arabs attack. please if you are still there is because you have gain the respect on the warfare, because you have no opcion to survive without firing the enemy it have been your history and it has to be so.please brothers is hurt your situation and really it need lot of pacience . But please donot divide yourself .your standing and faith will bring a real peace and not fake one . God bless you brotbers.

altu 03 August 2012

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