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Five policemen charged with intimidating mafia boss

The policemen set explosives under the Nahariya’s mafia boss car and at his relative’s house with the intention of frightening the gangster who otherwise operates with impunity. Why cannot Israeli police just kill Michael Mor, making the world a better place?

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Zello 12 May 2008

Michael Mor Israel has been suffering from is quite an outstanding person. That’s why it is difficult for police to handle his case as seriously as they can. It must be simply dangerous for them.Michael Mor Israel has to share the same country with is a social scourge.

Centaur Derby 18 March 2010

You say “kill him”. Ha-ha! It is said that a female teacher has oral sex with a student! And it is problematic to arrest even her. And you want this happen to such an “important” person.

*happy***** Springfield 18 March 2010

Michael Mor Israel gangster famous worldwide and what do you mean saying “kill him”? Michael Mor Israel gangster may be a real pest but Israeli police are not killers anyway.

Shena Learmonth 02 April 2010

Nowadays people commit a lot of crimes. For instance, a seventeen-year-old male from a religious school in Sharon was sexually abused by his teacher. People do not stick to Torah rules, that’s the reason.

Logan Leavenworth 02 April 2010

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