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Finishing off the Jewish state

Haim Ramon, understandably having a grudge against Jewish state for convicting him of sexual offense, decided to dismantle his nemesis. Haim, currently Israeli vice premier, so far offered the Palestinians the following peace terms: elevated highway from Hebron to Gaza, the Temple Mount (because it is a Muslim holy place and who cares about those Jews in kippot) and East Jerusalem, and dismantling large Israeli settlements such as Ofra and Beth El. Israeli flag will be removed from the Old City of Jerusalem (the 1947 solution). Palestinians would need to sign a piece of paper saying they recognize Jewish state and will never-never send suicide bombers again.
Palestinian refugees will return to the West Bank which has no economic capacity to absorb them. Lacking connection with Palestine for sixty years, they won’t integrate into Palestinian society and will proceed to fight Israel who occupies their ancestral land.

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Lol! That was good stuff.
Can’t get more sarcastic than that.

Of course, too bad the offers are actually real…

Erick S Tel-Aviv,Israel 10 September 2007

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