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Female teacher investigated for forcing oral sex on her student

Female teacher have sex with studentThe seventeen-year-old male from a religious school in Sharon is deeply traumatized, his attorney claims.

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There’s no proof this female teacher has oral sex with a student. Perhaps, he’s lying! The fact that a female teacher has oral sex with a student is actually something unbelievable.

Scarlett Sumatra 18 March 2010

At least after that you won’t look surprised when someone tells you that Ethiopian Jews and AIDS they suffer from have gained enormous proportions. It won’t be surprising that Israelis will suffer from the same in the nearest future if even teachers try to have sex with their students. O tempora, o mores.

Allah fighter Islam 18 March 2010

The fact that a seventeen-year-old male from a religious school in Sharon was made to have oral sex with his teacher is extremely unpleasant. But on the other hand, couldn’t this seventeen-year-old male from a religious school in Sharon resist the lust of jis teacher? He wasn’t 5, was he?

Colina Layton 02 April 2010

People seem to be somehow obsessed with sex nowadays. Apart from this accident, not long ago there was a rape Darfur refugee is charged with.

Omari Le_Havre 02 April 2010

Forcing to sex people is the worst crime there may be. But when a woman and moreover a teacher does it, it is something horrible.Forcing to sex her student she broke not only moral and religious laws, but she also sentenced herself to eternal disgrace.

Eli Mc_Cook 06 April 2010

Israeli arms dealers arrested in the USA causes so much fuss but when some lustful creature literally rapes her student, it is perceived as absolutely normal.

Ishbel Medford 06 April 2010

Israel News: Female teacher investigated but actually what investigation is necessary for what she’s done? It’s very interesting to listen to this Israel News: Female teacher investigated. Actually, she should have been sentenced already.

Grizel Monroe 07 April 2010

Israelis are obsessessed with having sex. Even Israeli sportsmen are charged with a rape free sex.

Devin Monrovia 07 April 2010

If there were sex with teacher photos, it would be much easier to prove she’s guilty. Perhaps soon schools will becomethe basic place where porno will be made. And sex with teacher photos will be among the most popular ones.

Angel Nassau 09 April 2010

Oral forcing sex is one the most disgusting which can happen. But what surprises is that such things happen at school. What should parents do, I wonder? But it’s simply scaring to send your child to a school where they may come across oral forcing sex.

Muire New_Britian 09 April 2010

Well one my teachers was accused of rape and after 3 years was relieved the student dropped the charges and apologised as she wanted attention.

Sadly He never came back to teach again because of her lies.

But it there real cases of rape and it has to be investigated-thankful for DNA and forensic testing and CCTV in class rooms.

James London 03 August 2010

A seventeen year old male student could avoided the acts of teacher if he really wanted to resist.
However the fact is both enjoyed tha act which is quite natural and afterwards he chosen to complaint as if he was a baby boy while he enjoyed oral sex.
Teacher should not be punished….!!

Hemant U.A.E. 21 August 2010

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