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Fatah's fake moderation

After USAID and the Geneva Initiative launched an advertising campaign in Israel depicting Palestinian terrorists as proponents of peace, the terrorists were quick to deny their moderation. Their negotiator Erekat denies even his own appearance in the video used in the ads, saying it was used out of context.

Meanwhile, Peres said to Abbas that no one is better suited than he is to bring peace. Which is somewhat true, because since Oslo Abbas has been about the only person in Fatah genuinely interested in reaching a settlement with Israel. For that very reason, he remained the odd man out, bitterly opposed by much of Fatah’s leadership, thus unable to implement any concessions.

Israeli leaders can lie during the elections and then propose defeatist ‘peace’ moves. Begin, Rabin, and Netanyahu were able to sign shameful withdrawals only because they felt safe in their treason. Abbas, on the other hand, knows that there are Hamas and other groups like it out there, who will nip his treason in the bud.

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