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Fatah confirms Judenrein policy

Hamas accused Fatah of violating the long-standing Judenrein policy, enforced in Jordan and Palestine, which bars Jews from buying or leasing land there. Fatah denounced the accusations, explaining that the only foreigners allowed to buy land in its territory are foreign Palestinians, and not Jews.

Mad leftists of Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Jewish National Fund to lease even the lands developed with private Jewish donations to Palestinians.

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Couldn’t they open the Security Barrier just a tad so that the Mad Mullahs can send a Hit Squad to life their minds out of their behinds ? Or maybe they would send them the bribe money that they asked for ?

Ian Ward AlicanteSpain 03 August 2008

Speaking of Judenrein Palestine, can’t we expel the Arabs to their Judenrein state?

Anonymous 07 May 2009

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