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Fatah approves violent resistance

Fatah’s resolution speaks just a bit vaguely about “all forms of resistance.” Although this is a sensible move for people who consider their land to be occupied, the resolution violates the Oslo Accords. In a letter to Rabin, which was a part of the Oslo agreements, Arafat undertook to ensure non-violence by all PLO elements. If Fatah, PLO’s central element, has adopted a militant outlook, then Oslo is dead.

The good thing is that Fatah today is just as insignificant in the West Bank as it was before Oslo, when Peres’ clique brought the terrorists from Tunis as a puppet force.

What would a normal government do if an enemy terrorist organization openly proclaimed violent intentions twenty miles from the prime minister’s office? The mad Jewish government, which has no sense of self-respect, allowed the Fatah conference to proceed.

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