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Fascism on the march: Professor Hillel Weiss indicted for cursing a traitor

A year ago, Prof.Hillel Weiss cursed Hebron Brigade commander Fuchs, saying that once the right-wing Jews come to power, Fuchs and his likes would be hanged.
Two years ago, Prof.Weiss publicly brought the example of Pinchas who earned eternal blessing for killing members of Jewish interfaith family 3,500 years ago as a role model for defending Jerusalem against homosexual parades.
Prof.Weiss is charged with criminal incitement and offending a bureaucrat.
Israeli media were full with leftists’ calls to literally kill the conservative and religious Jews during the Gush Katif evacuation.

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Hilel Weiss doesn’t happen to know what tolerance is. Though, few of Jews do. Hilel Weiss is something imposiible in the 21st century.

Jovanni SaintPetersburg 17 March 2010

There’s no doubt that the majority of Arabs, especially those similar to the well-known Hnish, deserve being killed. But now I see that some of the Jews deserve the same lot!

Jango Cardiff 17 March 2010

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