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Fake right-wingers create fake voters

Likud and Lieberman agreed to push the absentee voter bill, which would allow Israelis who have not set foot on this land for years to vote in Israeli elections. The presumption is that Israeli emigrants are biased toward the right.

The reasons for bias are several. Left-wingers have at least a strong patriotic attachment to Small Israel, while right-wingers are commonly rootless jingoists who emigrate because they have no reason to stay. Many emigrants choose to blame Arabs, rather than themselves, for their emigration. Living abroad, they can afford militancy.

Lieberman additionally hopes for the votes of 150,000-300,000 Russian immigrants who left Israel after acquiring her citizenship. In practice, they are unlikely to vote.

The Knesset has defeated several similar bills out of disdain for emigrants who don’t share Israel’s burdens.

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Israel Absentee voting is not a burning issuew only for Jews. Many countries have to solve the same problems. And the solution is never easy. But being citizens of Israel why should’t these people have an opportunity of Israel Absentee voting on the other hand?

american JEW@!@ Lexington 17 March 2010

Absentee voting is as weird as saying that you will enjoy your health after nuclear bombings! These people do not live in this country. Why for God’s sake should they vote with us and decide what will be better for us?

Indiana Plainfield 17 March 2010

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