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Fake pressure on terrorist inmates

The government introduced highly insufficient restrictions for jailed terrorists in order to pressure Hamas into releasing Shalit. Their meat rations were reduced, and about 5% of inmates who were studying while in jail lost their access to textbooks. Such slight measures won’t force any concessions from Hamas, nor indeed they are much burden for the prisoners. Taking away TV sets, reducing visitation rights to once-a-year Red Cross visits, and doing away with phone privileges would be much more effective, though also insufficient. Executing terrorists at a steady rate of one per hour would guarantee Israel, if not Shalit’s release, then at least a cessation of future kidnappings.

Israel’s Open University, which offers courses to the terrorists, condemned the restrictions as ‘immoral.’ As if we owe any morality to those murderers.

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What we owe terroist, is to watch them flee for there lives in front of a lowerd bull dozer blade.

Chuck Bend 29 June 2011

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