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Fake Holocaust survivors racketeer the government

Exploiting the sensitive issue, activists demand sharply increased benefits for Holocaust survivors. The figure of 240,000 Holocaust survivors in Israel is vastly inflated and includes many Jews who merely lived on German-occupied territories and even fled German occupation. It is not clear why should Israeli government financially support the Jews who lived in ghettos during the World War II. Israel received huge reparations from Germany linked to Holocaust but distributed only a minor part among Holocaust survivors.

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This is a Holocaust fake and nothing more! There’re always a lot of people trying to find some benefits for themselves speculating even the most sacred things in the life of their nation. Those who promote a Holocaust fake deserve a serious punishment.

pakhan Magadan 17 March 2010

Israelis are interested in fakes as it seems. Jews fake charity has become well-known worldwide. Some of the Jews have forgotten the basic rules of Torah.

some Polish Guy Ghetto 17 March 2010

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