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EU shows less cooperation on 'flytilla' protests

Pro-Palestinian activistsThe last time a group of anti-Israeli organizations announced plans to dispatch hundreds of activists by air, the EU countries mostly prevented them from boarding their flights based on information provided by Israel. This time, however, most of the activists are expected to arrive in Ben Gurion airport without hindrance. Hundreds of police are on duty to prevent them from entering our country.

This is unreasonable. We expend massive resources spying on those peaceful organizations. Instead, let them come and protest here—who cares? We have “Peace Now,” “There is a Limit,” and many similarly subversive organizations that stage routine protests. So let foreign activists join them and go back home.

What has to be done, however, is law enforcement. If foreign activists break our laws, join or instigate riots, or demand that our land be given away—which is a crime here—they should be arrested, tried, and sentenced to significant jail terms. That would show the others that rioting in Israel is no game, and discourage further flotillas.

Instead, our government makes bravery attractive to the activists: they demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian cause by flying here, and then they are safely deported.

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